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i must become a lionhearted girl
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3rd-Oct-2011 09:49 pm - Book reeeecs
misc / you are a soul
I need some! Back in 2010 I tried a project of reading 50 new books in a year and didn't quite get there but had a great time trying. A few classics worked their way in there, along with nonfiction, lit fiction, fantasies, children's books, memoirs, and some less than stellar examples of literary masterpieces. I meant to do the same thing in 2011 but got waylaid. Now I look back on how few new books I read this year and am saddened. :( It'll be 2012 before long so it's a good opportunity to work on expanding my library again. I need a list of fifty before the start of the new year.

So far I've put on the list: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, and Little, Big by John Crowley.

Have at!
27th-Sep-2011 10:12 pm - Suddenly, anger
portal / cube
There are times when I really want to say a big fuck you to almost everyone from that game. Years later it's still incredibly fucking damaging. I'm glad I don't talk to them anymore.
31st-Aug-2011 08:43 pm - What Otter does at night
ffx / cookie?
Me: i'm like just sitting here trying to find ways to procrastinate
Jaina: that's a great plan
Me: it's like
Me: i don't want to put on an episode of mad men because then i know i'll just never get to tags
Me: so i'm sitting here
Me: not...getting...to tags...
31st-Aug-2011 06:37 am - I are adult
ponyo / HUG <3
As of 5:52 AM today, one of my two student loans (the one I refer to as the little loan) is paid in full. I'm proud of myself! :) It took a big chunk out of my savings but it's the first step on the road to independence. Now I take the monthly payment I was making and apply it towards the big loan to chip away at its awful interest rate. I also plan to start budgeting my expenses and seeing what I can cut out and what kind of income I have left. Over the winter I'll start looking for an apartment/room/whatever I can afford. Next year's tax return will go to cover the expenses of moving out: security deposit, renter's insurance, new furniture if necessary, etc.

19th-Aug-2011 09:51 am - Pagans: now with actual holidays
misc / you are a soul
I was reading an article on Wild Hunt today about Vanderbilt University recognizing pagan holidays as legitimate holidays which students can take off for personal observation, and it made me begin to think how little the eight Sabbats (Wiccan holidays) are integrated into my personal life, especially as compared to Christmas which I still celebrate, or secular holidays like Thanksgiving. I don't take off work for them, they often pass right by me unremarked on and unremembered (unless I see other pagans saying "happy Beltane!" or whatever), and if my own circle does celebrate them, we're usually a few days or even a week off. My own employer is pretty equal opportunist on holidays, meaning they don't give any of them off except for the major major ones (i.e. Christmas and Thanksgiving) or federals, and you're required to work some of them anyway, with holiday pay. But I do get personal and vacation days, so I could schedule some or maybe even all of these holidays off in advance if I wanted to.

This may be something to think about doing next year. I feel it's important to my spiritual development to get better at being a solitary practitioner and to work on integrating my religion with my every day life. It doesn't make much sense to call myself Wiccan and then let Wiccan holidays pass me by without a second thought. It's not that I feel a great sense of spiritual connection and mystery (yet) to any of the holidays in particular (except maybe Imbolc), but I do strongly feel that spiritual connection can grow by simply working on spiritual connection. And if there are no traditions to follow or no big celebrations to attend, there's nothing wrong with making up your own.

In theory, anyway. All this will be a lot easier to achieve when I have my own place, another reason to work hard and fast on moving out. :/a
17th-Aug-2011 09:11 am - Mildly creepy
totoro / tree
So I woke up this morning to an alert from Gmail that said my account had been accessed from an IP address in India. I changed my password but I...wasn't really sure what else to do about it? Anyone have any advice? :/a

Also one of my LJ accounts was getting like ten anonymous spam comments in quick succession while I was sitting here goofing around, but I went in and turned off anon commenting and that put a stop to that pretty fast.

14th-Aug-2011 11:30 pm - MY BURRITO
ffx / cookie?
Me: i went to the mall today and was so sad to see qdoba closed :(
Me: :'( :'( :'(
Me: but when i saw the bars down
Me: and the store dark
Me: i fell to my knees
Me: raised my hands to the heavens
Me: and wailed my anguish
Jaina: in your head?
Me: ...yes
15th-Jul-2011 12:59 am(no subject)
mononoke / devastation
Feeling lonely.
26th-Jun-2011 11:42 am - Muffin
mononoke / devastation
Muffin died peacefully at the vet this morning. She was tired but seemed calm and relaxed. I think she was happy that we were there with her.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
Anatole France
23rd-Jun-2011 11:01 am - Muffin
misc / you are a soul
My cat Muffin, who's been with us for 12 years, is very sick and at the vet today...my feeling is that she's not going to come home. We don't know what's wrong but recently she stopped eating, lost weight very quickly and is extremely weak. This morning (while I was still asleep) my family found her unmoving under my mom's bed and thought she had already passed away, but she's still alive, just very very weak.

It's been a long and strange journey with this cat who has been both a pain in the butt and a prominent member of the family. I remember when she was a kitten and used to sleep on my chest (until she got too heavy and would smother me every time she tried!). It's hard to really feel anything right now, I just hope she's not in pain and I hope that if she has to be put to sleep she goes in comfort and peace.
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